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Native New England Landscapes Inc. is a premier design-build company based in Southern Rhode Island. Recognized as a leader in the industry, Native New England Landscapes Inc. will transform the property of your home or business. Owner and founder Zachary Geaber is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island and holds a degree in Landscape Architecture.

After college, Zachary worked for a civil engineering firm specializing in meticulous site planning and building. Growing up in Southern Rhode Island, he spent his youth exploring and learning about the local habitat. His love and respect for nature grew over the years and led him to a field where he could share that passion with others. Combining his passion, experience, and education, Zach founded Native New England Landscapes Inc. in 2007 and has proudly served Southern Rhode Island for over 15 years.

Since its inception, Native New England Landscapes Inc. has grown to become a team of leading experts. Native New England Landscapes Inc. focuses on letting native plants become landscapes through thoughtful design. Landscapes that work with native surroundings in a way that is highly intentional and works harmoniously with the surrounding habitat. Zach and his crew are experts at large-scale design-build projects, construction projects, engineering, hardscapes, drainage, plant design, masonry, and excavation. By collaborating with top architects, landscape architects, engineers, and tradespeople, you can rest assured your project will exceed your expectations.

As experts in the field, we will meet deadlines and execute decision-making, creating a seamless experience. Weaving our expertise and your inspiration, we will transform your home or business. Zach and his team of licensed and insured professionals are ready to turn your property into a purposeful and beautiful landscape that reflects your vision and goals.

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